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Many of us initially met at a weekly support group as Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury survivors and our caregivers, but these two hours a week of socialization were not enough to fill the empty hole of loneliness so many of our TBI/ABI survivors experience.

There are too many days both caregivers and survivors spend on doctor appointments and therapy sessions. It became apparent that both our survivors and caregivers needed more socialization-type outings that did not just focus on brain injury. Thus, we began our Wednesday group get-togethers. This is a gathering strictly for fun and entertainment. We arrange activities based on normal everyday types of things such as bowling, playing billiards, eating lunch, and playing games at the park, watching movies, and playing miniature golf.

Even our more physically challenged survivors have been able to enjoy participating in the physical aspect of the activities. It is so exciting to see our survivors’ faces light up when they are able to get the ball down the bowling lane and knock down those pins!

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Lora Willis Accountant

I have a degree in Accounting, but I work as a paralegal. I am a lifelong volunteer and have served on the school board of Bitney College Preparatory High School for 15 years as the secretary and treasurer. I am a big supporter of the 4H program, was a club leader for 10 year, and chair of the Nevada County 4H Council for 2 years.

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Dr. Don Fong

Dr. Don Fong OD

Don Fong, OD is the leading eye doctor in central Sacramento, CA. Dr. Fong also regularly presents on a broad range of vision-related topics, especially pertaining to stroke and traumatic brain injury. He takes the time to get to know his patients, their eye care history, and their vision needs. He provides expert care, advice, and options, when not attending conferences. Dr. Fong has a passion for photography. His favorite subjects have been bridges and natural formations, and he loves to go on cruises.

Kristen Skalin

Kristen Skalin Social Media Manager

Kristen graduated from Patten University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. She worked with children and young adults with multiple disabilities as the artistic coordinator. She is an accomplished photographer. Kristen has managed social media for San Francisco based nonprofits and contributed content during functions in the Bay Area.

Jenepher Richmond

Jenepher Richmond Secretary

Jenepher brings to our board a background most recently of paralegal work for a disabled accountant. Prior to that, she was an administrative and sales assistant for a time management real estate company, a program specialist with the USDA, and a billing supervisor for a cable television advertising company.

Noreen Davis

Noreen Davis Treasurer

My working career has spanned almost 39 years. My first job was with The Hartford Insurance Group in New York City, New York as a Personnel Assistant. During this time, I was offered a placement in the company’s all-expense-paid Work-Study Program through The College of Insurance, allowing me to earn my Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a minor in Insurance.

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Back Camera

Ronda Myers President and Founder

I worked for Hewlett Packard in their administrative services and personnel department for five years. I then worked at the Santa Clara County Office of Education for 15 years. Also, 9 years at Roseville Joint Union High School serving disabled students with a myriad of issues.

I have volunteered for 12 years with the Auburn Synchronized Swimming program, helping the youngest group, organizing, and attending competitions. I am the owner of Awesome Cruises, married with two adult children, one of which suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. My background and my son’s injury were my motivation for the Enoch TBI Center.


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