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Dedicated To Assisting Survivors With Brain Injuries


The mission of Enoch TBI Center (The Center) was born out of the need for a place for TBI survivors to live independently when they no longer have their own family to support them. The fear that our loved ones will end up in a rest home when they are in their twenties, thirties, or forties is terrifying, sad, and wrong. These young adults are as intelligent as they were prior to sustaining their TBI. They are capable of improvement and should always be encouraged to move towards a goal and not become stagnant by having their needs taken care of and not using their own life skills to care for themselves to the best of their ability.

The Center will be a place where TBI survivors will work together to build independence alongside their family members and others in their support system. The residents will be safe and secure in The Center which will be run by family members and others, volunteering to share in assisting with independent living in accordance with the resident’s current and anticipated future needs. By utilizing family in this way, The Center will be continually self-sufficient as far as non-professional staffing. The Center will also maintain appropriate professional staff and connections.

The goal of The Center will be to provide a thriving, safe social environment for its residents by minimizing isolation and alleviating the depression that can go along with it. In a safe residential center, there will be numerous community-based activities to keep the residents engaged in life while enhancing their sense of self-worth. The residents will be encouraged to gain as much of their own independence as possible, thereby earning the respect and dignity that they deserve.

The Center’s purpose is for the residents to be able to maintain their independence while working towards achieving the most that they are capable of and to improve their quality of life by working in a supportive, social family village setting. TBI survivors can depend on their own self-determination, self-actualization, and can preserve their own dignity if they are encouraged to do so. There is no place in our geographical area that comes close to being more than an adult day care, and there is not sufficient dignity, respect, or personal progress in that type of setting.

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