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Stories About Caring for Survivors With Brain Injuries

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Stories of Caregivers and Professionals:

My son sustained his traumatic brain injury while traveling overseas. My husband and I took our son on a vacation of a lifetime to celebrate his graduation from college. Little did we know it was going to be a memory of a lifetime in a bad way. Our son fell in our hotel bathroom and hit his head hard. Initially, it was thought he had just sustained a concussion. He lost consciousness by the time he reached the hospital by ambulance.

When I was in my early 50’s my father needed to spend time in a care home. This was my first experience visiting one and I can’t get certain aspects of it out of my mind. As I was making my way through the halls to my dad’s room, I came upon a woman who looked to be in her 20’s having a difficult time getting her wheelchair around a nurse’s cart in the hall.

What happens to my brain-injured son when I pass on is not only my son’s greatest worry and fear, it’s mine too! Several years ago a member of a brain-injury support group’s young son died from the after-effects of his brain injury. It was sudden and unexpected.

You’ve heard the saying “the best-laid plans often go awry.” That is exactly what happened to a beloved member of our TBI community. Had the Enoch TBI Center been in existence, this person would have had a wonderful and safe alternative for his future living arrangements and his life where he would have had social interaction with those who understand the challenges of daily living for many TBI survivors.