TBI Support Group

Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group in Sacramento, CA

Traumatic brain injuries are serious health issues that can completely change your life. While some of these injuries result in death, others result in serious disabilities that can last a lifetime. If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury that resulted in a disability of some sort, you don’t have to try and adjust to your new life alone. Enoch TBI Center is here to help.

We offer a weekly traumatic brain injury support group in Sacramento, CA, so that you can get the support you need to start healing.

Our TBI Support Group

Our goal is to provide a safe, socially active environment where people with brain injuries can come and flourish. We encourage all of our attendees to maintain as much independence and freedom as possible, and we also provide a supportive, family-like environment at the same time.

Our ongoing support group meets every Wednesday, and we do all sorts of fun activities for you to enjoy, including picnics and games at the park, bowling, private movie watch parties, and other get-togethers.

The point of our TBI support group is to give you a space where you can be yourself and be comfortable. We choose activities and events that everyone can participate in, and we make sure everyone has a great time.

Our Nonprofit Organization

We’re a nonprofit that is focused on supporting TBI survivors and building awareness in those who may not think about this serious health concern. We provide fun support groups, education, and helpful resources to help TBI survivors thrive in difficult circumstances.

If you or anyone you know is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury, contact us at (916) 699-6518 or at enochtbi@enochtbicenter.org. We would love to help you attend our support group or get the information you need. Reach out to us today.